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Why is Engine Lube so Important?

Every few months or so, you take your vehicle for an oil change. Old lubricant is taken out and new lubricant is put back in. But why is this substance so important for your vehicle? And why are regular changes so vital to its health?

What is lubricant? In short, its a specially engineered oil that reduces friction between moving metal parts. Lubricant is used in the swivel mechanisms of office chairs, heavy machinery, and all over your engine. It helps your parts stay cooler, last longer, and use less force to operate which saves energy. It also reduces corrosion and has a sort of cleaning effect on your engine.

What happens when lube gets old? Not only does the oil degrade over time, but it and the oil filter become filled with nasty stuff. Have you seen used car oil? Far from the bright neon it was, it can become brown or even black with dirt and road grime. These may be mostly microscopic, but they slowly can scratch up and grind away at the integral parts of your engine as these parts begin to corrode and eventually break down. Failure to change oil regularly can result in expensive repairs and replacements.

Watch this video to see a lubrication system in motion!

Due to its vital role in your engine, lubricant oil and oil filters must be changed more often that any other part of your vehicle. By checking the color of your oil, our trained technicians will know for sure whether your vehicle is ready for new lubricant. Come into any of our 4 locations, and our friendly staff will get you racing off in a FLASH!


Come on down to your local Shell Rapid Lube owned and operated by Flash Lube Oil! Your friends down here are happy to service your car!

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