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Why Change Your Cabin Air Filter?

Your vehicle's cabin air filter helps remove harmful pollutants, pollen, and debris from the air before it is blown into you cabin. reports that having a clean filter is highly important for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other health conditions that impact respiratory health.

You deserve healthy, fresh air to breathe! And now is the perfect time to get your filters changed before allergy season. If you're part of a fleet, or drive frequently for work, you may want to check your filters even more often. (Champion Auto Parts suggests about every 15,000 miles depending on make and model.) Perhaps even more importantly, if you drive often on dusty, gravel roads in rural areas, your air filters are likely to get more easily clogged and need to be changed more often.

If you smell an unpleasant odor or find yourself cranking the AC with little change in airflow, it might be time to get your cabin air filter checked!

Other signs include:

  • Reduced or weak airflow, even when the heat or air conditioner is set to high

  • A whistling sound coming from the cabin air intake ducts

  • Musty, unpleasant odors coming through the vents in your vehicle

  • Excessive noise when the heating or cooling system is running

Bring in your vehicle today, and our lube techs will gladly remove your filter to see if it needs changing. We will always bring your filter to you so you know just how dirty it is or isn't. If you are a fleet driver, you'll receive exclusive discounts when you use your Fleet Credit Card! If its changing time, we'll get you squared away in a FLASH!


Come on down to your local Shell Rapid Lube owned and operated by Flash Lube Oil! Cabin Air Filter checks are always included with our Full Service Oil Change.


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